A downloadable game


  • 4 soft, squishy balls
  • Ways of marking boundaries (tape, chairs, etc.)


  • Player split into 2 teams, with a minimum of 6 total players.
  • The teams split up with 2 people within the square while the others stand in front.
  • Each team tries to bounce the ball in the opposing team's square. The outer square is 1 point, while the inner square is worth 2 points.
  • Only the first bounce counts, and catching it before the bounce results in no points. If an outside defender catches a ball, they may attempt to take a shot from behind their own square.
  • Only 1 ball can be held at a time, and only for 3 seconds.
  • Players must throw underhand

Win Condition:

  • Whichever team has the most points within 3 minutes wins.